Property Development

Since 2002, MELT Homes have built over 100 properties in London, Gloucestershire and Kent with values of over £20m. The development projects we are currently working on have end values over £40m.

When evaluating and structuring projects, we employ a philosophy called Design led Development. We believe the home is as an extension of who we are which should reflect our life goals and aspirations. Outside of our career and what we do in the world, the most important thing is that we have a harmonious home which speaks volumes about us and what we believe. It’s a sacred space.

This drives us to deliver better value for money in the properties we build. By focusing on the value that inspired contemporary design can deliver to our customers, we deliver more for less. Whatever the price of a home, it should be well designed.

We aim to deliver exceptionally designed contemporary properties that reflect people’s personality and choices and which are tailored to the way our customers live their lives.

Underpinning our design led approach are a well structured set of due diligence processes. These enable us to identify risks at an early stage and quantify associated costs. This enables us to minimise risk and maximise return for us and for our investors. If you are interested in investing in one of our property development projects, please visit our investment opportunities page.

If you are interested in purchasing a property at one of our schemes, then please contact us.