Getting it Up

I'm currently writing my first book, which will be called Getting it Up. The book will draw on my 17 years of experience in delivering property development projects.

It will cover how to deliver profitable property developments – from raising equity to project completion. The central theme of the book is that Development is Detail, planning and preparation is key and 90% of the work should be done before you start work on site. Following is a short excerpt from the book.

"As in life, in development there are very few short term quick fixes. What appears to be an overnight success is inevitably a result of a lot of hard work that is not necessarily evident once a development is completed.

Planning a development project is like planning a bank robbery. Before you start, you need to gather a team of professionals. An expert in every field that is requires for the task in hand. You then need to sit around and talk about it for a long time. Plan what is required and make sure that every last detail is covered.

When you’re sure that you have everything right and all the members of the team are satisfied that their pieces are properly addressed, you then kick off and move as quickly as you can. The principle is think slowly, act quickly. With that out of the way, we will dive directly into the place that every project starts - how to appraise a potential development site.

I'm planning to follow up with two further titles, :

  1. Design Led Development - a book about how a design led approach can help to structure and deliver inspiring, profitable property development projects
  2. Disruptive Money - A book specifically focused on structuring debt and raising equity for development projects with a particular focus on how Crowdfunding is changing property development funding.

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